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Human-Centred AI in the EU - book on implementation in nine European countries

About the content

During this lunch seminar we introduce the fresh anthology: "Human-Centred AI in the EU - Trustworthiness as a strategic priority in the European Member States", edited by Stefan Larsson et al. The European approach on AI is emphasising ethical considerations, human control and trustworthiness as its core tenets. This is reflected in the EU strategy from 2018, the subsequent Ethics Guidelines and Policy and Investment Recommendations published during 2019 by the High-Level Expert Group on AI, as well as the European Commission’s White Paper on AI from February 2020. But, how clearly is this approach reflected in the Member States’ strategies? The anthology analyses to what extent the notions of ethical and trustworthy AI clearly have influenced the AI strategies at Member State level, focusing on Portugal, The Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Norway as well as the Nordics overall.


  • Stefan Larsson, Technology and Society, Lund University
  • Katja de Vries, Uppsala university
  • Maria Hedlund, Political Science, Lund University
  • Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, European Studies, Lund University 

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