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An open network for research, education and innovation in the area of Artificial Intelligence at Lund University

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AI Lund for students

All university students, whether they study at Lund University or other higher education institutions, are welcome to join the AI Lund network and subscribe to our mailing lists. We have one mailing list for undergraduate students and another for doctoral students. What is sent to them may differ slightly. So please remember to let us know if you change your role.

All events shown in our event calendar are open to anyone and thus also to undergraduate students.

The biweekly Dropp-ins have from the beginning had students as the primary target group, so do not hesitate to participate and be active there.

AI Lund also have room for some Student practitioners. Please check out this advert at Graduate Land. If that is not relevant for your education we are open to other ideas.

HubAI@LU - an open cross disciplinary student organisation (interim webb page)

Who are HubAI at Lund University (HubAI@LU)?

HubAI@LU is a student-lead network that brings people from all disciplines together to talk about Artificial Intelligence, through informal and formal events.

We see Artificial Intelligence as a significant shift in the political and economic landscape of today that requires more than just the competencies of computer scientists and engineers. As a student-run organisation, we are bringing all departments together to share and grow our knowledge of Artificial Intelligence.

Through our various events and activities, we hope to start meaningful conversations and build a strong and reliable student network that can assist you with future academic research and industry connections. The activities will include bringing guest lecturers from academia and the industry.

What are our goals?

  • Build our network of like-minded individuals from all disciplines. This will not only be with other students but also academics and professionals working in AI.
  • Educate our members and popularise issues and current research of Artificial Intelligence, both in a theoretical and practical manner. Through Lund University, we plan on hosting events such as talks, debates, workshops and coding boot camps for all disciplines.
  • Socialise with members and create a comfortable environment to meet and get to know each other.

How do we reach our goals?

HubAI@LU is made up of members, including a core committee that comprises of seven people; each has a vital role in carrying out this project to ensure its success. We have a President (Laetitia Tanqueray); Vice President (Maricar Tuazon); Secretary (Melika Miralem); Heads of Public Relations (Bart Padjasek and Sean Stevens) and Heads of Liaison (Alisa Chabanyuk and Monica Brink). We also reach our goal through students participating in our events- so please join!

Who can join and how?

HubAI@LU are open to students from Lund University, no matter your current degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD studies) or your field. Alumni and other people not part of Lund University are also welcome to join our events.  Prior knowledge in Artificial Intelligence is not a requirement as we hope to build a welcoming environment for all of us to learn about this growing field.

To learn more about our upcoming event or how you can get involved, visit our Facebook page at

Other platforms:

IG: @hubailund
Twitter: @hubailund