AI Lund

An open network for research, education and innovation in the area of Artificial Intelligence at Lund University

AI Lund Drop-in at X-Lab - but online

Due to the Corona outbreak AI Lund Drop-in also during the spring semester 2021 will be located to the Internet. Platform and address are communicated in the list below.

During the first tree occasions we test to move the start time  of the drop-in to 12.00.

AI Lund Drop-in is an opportunity for anyone at Lund University (students, researchers, others) who is working with or wants to get started with AI to meet like-minded people and experts in order to discuss practical problems or new project ideas, e.g. in connection with: 

  • student projects or theses* 
  • research projects 
  • hobby or innovation projects 
  • digitization of IT systems 

Every other Monday (odd weeks) at 12.00-13.30, one or more AI researchers will be online, to answer questions or lead discussions. But we expect that there will also be people who just want to hang with others interested in the topic. Different weeks will focus on different topics, such as image analysis, robotics or clinical AI. Try to choose the meeting that you think is best suited for your challenges. 

Schedule Spring 2021

26 April 12.00 - 13.15: AI as a method in social science research, Social network analysis, AI and politics

Themes: AI as a method in social science research, computational social science, NLP, social network analysis, AI and politics

Expert: Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, European Studies

Access link to come here


** If a student's work applies to a course where the subject itself is about AI or Machine Learning, we expect you to turn to your teachers in the first place :-).