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Att robotar fascinerar gammal som ung visas av det stora intresset för Lunds tekniska högskolas robotvecka, som just nu pågår. Alla skolklasser som vill komma får inte plats.


How do you use internet-connected devices in your home environment? Robert Willim, researcher in Digital Cultures and Ethnology, together with The Folklife Archives at Lund University have launched the questionnaire “Connected...[more]


Controlling smartphones by a simple swipe of your hand is the latest innovation to be introduced to phone owners. However, radar sensors with higher accuracy would take the concept from gimmick to practical usefulness, according...[more]

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AI Lund

Research on artificial intelligence and machine learning at Lund University is done at many departments at most faculties. AI Lund is an interdisciplinary open network for research, education and innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence, coordinated by Lund University.



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