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An open network for research, education and innovation in the area of Artificial Intelligence at Lund University

AI Competence for Sweden at Lund University

- A national initiative on education and competence development in artificial intelligence

The Swedish government has declared that Sweden should be a leader in taking advantage of the opportunities that the use of AI can provide, with the aim of strengthening both the Swedish welfare and the Swedish competitiveness. The need for in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) is high in the labor market as well as in the rest of society. Therefore, the government has provided resources to make it possible for the Swedish universities to develop courses for professionals who can contribute to Sweden's development in the AI area. This competence development effort shall build on or supplement ongoing initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence and shall promote in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence in both the business sector and the public sector in order to create conditions for strengthened competitiveness and developed welfare.

Lund University has a unique and strong position regarding the diversity of knowledge in the AI-field. Historically most initiatives have taken place at technical, natural science or medical faculties, but today all faculties are engaged. Through this academic breadth, Lund University has the potential to research, develop and educate on AI from many perspectives.

During 2018 Lund University started the AIML network as a response this need and through the network we are now offering a number of seminars and workshops  that are open to society. Please see for more information of these events.

More information about competence development initiatives and lifelong learning can be found at: