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Brown bag lunch: Quantum Computing and Algorithmic Law

Quantum computer


From: 2020-02-26 12:00 to 13:15
Place: Mattehuset, MH:309A, Sölvegatan 18, Lund
Contact: anamaria [dot] dutceac_segesten [at] eu [dot] lu [dot] se
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AI Lund brown bag seminar; bring your own lunch if you are hungry...

Download the paper: Quantum Computing and Algorithmic Law (Jeffery AtikValentin Jeutne)

Speaker: Valentin Jeutner, Associate Senior Lecturer at Department of Law, Lund University

Topic: Quantum Computing and Algorithmic Law

When: 2020-02-26 12.00-13.00 - the presentation starts 12.15

Where:  Mattehuset, MH:309A, Sölvegatan 18, Lund

Registration: Closed

Abstract: Quantum computing technology will greatly enhance the abilities of the emerging field of computational law to express, model, and operationalize law in algorithmic form. In anticipation of the legal sector’s utilization of quantum computing technology, this presentation identifies, with reference to computational complexity theory, the categories of computational problems which quantum computers are better equipped to deal with than are classical computers (‘quantum supremacy’). Subsequently, the presentation demarcates the possible contours of legal ‘quantum supremacy’ by showcasing three anticipated legal fields of quantum technology: optimization problems, standards of proof, and machine learning. Acknowledging that the exact manifestation of quantum computing technology in the legal sector remains difficult to predict, the presentation posits that the meaningful utilization of quantum computing technology at a later stage presupposes the creative imagination of possible use-cases at the present.