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How connected is your home? – A Questionnaire


How do you use internet-connected devices in your home environment? Robert Willim, researcher in Digital Cultures and Ethnology, together with The Folklife Archives at Lund University have launched the questionnaire “Connected Homes”. It is based on a set of questions through which people can anonymously tell about experiences of digital technologies in domestic environments.

Several new technologies in homes are today equipped with machine learning etc. How these technologies are experienced is something we at Lund university need to know more about, especially in our interdisciplinary research and knowledge development around AI.

-It is extremely exciting to get to know what people think about ever more widespread uses of digital technologies in homes. Both how new devices are used, but also how older technologies are approached. Therefore I’m of course very happy when people take some time to answer this questionnaire. Says Robert Willim.

Do you want to answer the questionnaire? Follow this link:

In Swedish: 

The questionnaire is sent out and administrated by The Folklife Archives at Lund University, and it is part of the research project ”Connected Homes and Distant Infrastructures" that Willim is working with at The Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences. The project is financed by The Swedish Research Council.