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Open Online Courses Planned for Release Autumn 2020

The need for in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) in the labour market is exponentially growing. To facilitate sustainable use of this technology, the Swedish government works to assure that our nations’ universities develop courses needed for professionals and broader society moving forward. Through “Humans & AI”, a comprehensive series of introductory online courses (MOOCs), Lund University takes intimal steps in the efforts to broaden engagement and inclusivity in the field.

By inviting diverse learners into the multi-disciplinary world that goes beyond traditional endeavours, whether familiar with tech or not, we move towards bridging humanity and technology further. Holding a unique position through representation of all academic fields, the university provides a “smorgasbord of knowledge” in the intersect of humans and AI to ensure sustainable AI for everyone in the future!

All courses in “Humans and AI” are designed to provide introductory knowledge to a broader group of learners, where “techies” and “non-techies” alike can find something of value! All courses can be taken separately, so feel free to design your learning journey to your liking! However to get the full experience of the multidisciplinary approach we recommend learners to start with the first two courses “Introduction to AI” and “AI fundamentals” then to delve deeper into the remaining three MOOCs “names”. This effort builds upon the objective to promote knowledge development and strengthen competitive advantage of nations, organizations and individuals with respect to AI.