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An open network for research, education and innovation in the area of Artificial Intelligence at Lund University



Marianne och Marcus Wallenbergs Stiftelse har beviljat 96 miljoner kronor till 16 forskningsprojekt för att studera hur artificiell intelligens och autonoma system påverkar vårt samhälle och våra beteenden. Vid Lunds universitet...


The video-recordings from AIML workshop The Rise of Creative Machines - GAN Technology for Fake Data as Resource 27 August now published.  Watch the full program...[more]


The video-recordings from the AIML@LU fika-to-fika workshop on AI & ML Technologies 30 August are now published.  Watch the full program at: Presentations one by one are...[more]

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AI Lund

Research on artificial intelligence and machine learning at Lund University is done at many departments at most faculties. AI Lund is an interdisciplinary open network for research, education and innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence, coordinated by Lund University.



AI Lund Drop-in at X-Lab, IKDC

From: 2020-02-24 10:00 to: 12:00


Brown bag lunch: Quantum Computing and Algorithmic Law

From: 2020-02-26 12:00 to: 13:15

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